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Jones and Thomas Develops Brand Image and Integrated Product Campaign for DICKEY-john


Brand Development


DICKEY-john is the industry leader in agricultural electronics. They appointed Jones and Thomas as their full-service agency in 2004; prior to this they had never had an integrated campaign for their complete product line. Several new products were being introduced in 2004, and they had to be introduced as a part of an integrated campaign.

Primary Goal

Develop a brand image for DICKEY-john while also creating interest in the new product offerings.

Marketing Solution

Jones and Thomas developed a campaign theme for all products under the DICKEY-john umbrella, based on the concept "Serious," which reinforces the technical superiority of DICKEY-john products. To draw readers into the messages, our creative approach featured a striking visual that is unlike other advertisements in agriculture publications.

The media exposure was concentrated in the most effective and efficient publications. This high-frequency strategy ensured that we reached the key segment of the target audience with messages on each new product while reinforcing the overall DICKEY-john brand.

Trade advertising was only one part of this campaign. For each new product, we developed a literature piece based on the "Serious" theme and a press release to introduce the product.

In order to market the entire product line more efficiently, we also developed DICKEY-john's first-ever product catalog. Previously, every product had a separate piece of literature. This catalog enables DICKEY-john to provide dealers and end users a single source for information about the complete product line.


DICKEY-john received many unsolicited comments from dealers and producers who took notice of the "Serious" campaign. More importantly, the advertising generated many leads from potential customers requesting more information on the products.