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Jones and Thomas Rebrands Town and Country Bank

Town and Country Bank

Brand Identity


Town and Country Bank was in the process of rebranding itself as an atypical bank that took the time to connect with its customers, not just sell them products. This new brand image was epitomized by their tagline, Side by Side. They made the necessary internal steps to reflect this brand. Now it needed to be communicated to the external audience.

Primary Goal

Create a new brand image for Town and Country Bank using traditional media. As part of this image, the messages needed to take on a unique tone that positioned Town and Country Bank as a different kind of bank.

Marketing Solution

To reinforce the tagline and thus the brand image, Jones and Thomas modified the classic musical standard, Side by Side. Adapting the lyrics and music so that they reflected banking issues, the song was featured in the television commercial. Professional actors representing both customers and Town and Country Bank employees sang the revamped Side by Side.

This unique, attention-grabbing message forms the backbone of the entire campaign.